A Coin Toss, Retracted

This one is the is the final (I promise) entry in the series that began with My Lucky Coin Toss. Please read the earlier parts before this one. I’ve linked them below.

Part 1,   Part 2,   Part 3

The clock strikes 12:17 and I think I’m finally ready. The shadows still haven’t got me. Turns out, she couldn’t affect this world as much as I thought she could. Only the dick-god can really affect it. I smile. I know now how things work here. Continue reading “A Coin Toss, Retracted”

The Empire of All-Knowing Eyes

The pale pink rabbit, some child’s lost toy, blinked at him from the kitchen chair. At least, he assumed it was a child’s lost toy. It looked like a toy, and it wasn’t really moving. The only real difference were the very human looking eyes, endlessly blinking at him as he rounded the kitchen toward it. The eyes followed him as he crept up on its side, even if the neck never moved.

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Your Past is Always There

Renzo pulled himself out of sleep. Something wasn’t right. His room was pitch black and he couldn’t even see past the edge of his bed, but still, he knew there was somebody else in the room with him. It was finally time, he had been waiting for this for so long. He knew he still needed to be careful, but he couldn’t help smiling to himself as he sat up in his bed.

“Renzo Lanese,” came a female voice to his right. It was dark and powerful, just as he knew it would be. He still couldn’t see the person it was attached to, but he felt awed in her presence nonetheless. Continue reading “Your Past is Always There”

What We Do for Love

“I implore you, your grace, please reconsider,” pleaded the old man walking next to him. He was the future former right hand of the King, Joury.

“I’ve considered enough,” the King responded. He was getting tired of everyone trying to talk him out of this. “The decision has been made, let it lie.” Continue reading “What We Do for Love”

Alone With My Shadows

Here’s the third installment of the stories found here and here. As with the other ones, if you don’t want to read the previous entries, there’s no need, as this story should stand on its own. Story below. Continue reading “Alone With My Shadows”

My Lucky Coin Toss

So, I’m back. (Whether I’m also better than ever, I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader.) I’ve decided to use my return to do one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges. The challenge this time was to pick a sentence and use it as the opening sentence to a story. I won’t tell you what I picked, as it’s the first sentence of my story (duh), but I will give you a link to the challenge, here. The story is after the break. Continue reading “My Lucky Coin Toss”


I love my mommy. She’s the best mommy in the whole world. She gives me hugs, and plays with me, and kisses me when I get hurt. There could never be a better mommy than mine. Continue reading “Mommy”

The Wonder Man

Have you heard of the Wonder Man? They say he can do anything. They say he’ll grant you anything you desire, if you get the chance. They say he’s wonderful. They say he’s terrifying. Continue reading “The Wonder Man”

The Forgotten

Human nature is cruel. That was what was going through Rin’s head as she stared though her window at the man laying in the street. No one came to help. No one ever came to help. They were used to seeing bodies in the streets. Rin wouldn’t help either, wouldn’t even come out of her house. She was cruel as well. Such is life. He was going to die there, and not a single person would lift a finger to stop that.

The next day, the body was collected and given a proper burial. Like that would make everything all right. The next night someone else died, with people watching fearfully though their windows, never bothering to help. After all, why would they risk themselves to help someone who was practically dead anyway? So they watch, never bothering to really care. After all, that other person was out after dark, didn’t they deserve what they got?
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Just Your Imagination

Just Your Imagination

Entry 1
I don’t know why I’m writing this. I’ve never really been the journal type before but I’m doing this anyway. I had a nightmare last night. It felt so real. It was an otherwise normal dream, nothing special, but something intruded. It almost felt like it came in from the outside. Everything seemed normal until something stood behind me. You could almost call it a ‘mask of death’ or some other silly bullshit. It looked human enough, I guess, just that it didn’t have any eyes. I don’t know. I couldn’t sleep after that. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep tonite either. Perhaps it has something to do with that thing I read before going to bed. It didn’t seem too scary, I did feel something behind me and turned around really fast, but it was nothing and I forgot about it pretty quickly. Apparently it got to me more than I thought. I’m sure these nightmares won’t last, just my imagination kicking into overdrive.
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