The Road to Self Publishing

This page is a collection of the entire Road to Self Publishing journey. Below are all posts under the Road to Self Publishing banner.

The series recounts my journey from amateur to Self-Published author. It details every step that needs to be taken along the way. There’s nothing here that says this is the right way, but it may help somebody to find there own way.

First Draft Done Now What

First Draft Done, Now What? Here, we discuss strategies and techniques for new authors (or maybe not so new authors) to go from first draft, to the second one.

What's a Revision Anyway

What’s a Revision Anyway? Another post discussing how to get from first draft to second. This time, we drill down into specifics for how to actually do a revision.

The Afterdraft

The Afterdraft: After finishing the second draft (or the third, or the fourth…) we discuss what exactly comes after. Hint: it’s beta-reading.

The Hardest Writing

The Hardest Writing: Here, we discuss one piece of writing that most writers fear: the back of the book blurb.


Copyright: Here we explore all the different options a writer has when copyrighting their work. It’s a deep subject, but I try to keep it accessible.


Expenses: Here we discuss the unfortunate reality that self-publishing does come with its own set of expenses, and how we can best get over them.


Amazon: As you might guess, this one discusses Amazon. Specifically; it discusses creating new ebooks on Amazon.


Cover Design: This one discusses the complexities of cover design, and it is surprisingly complex.

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