Just Your Imagination

Just Your Imagination

Entry 1
I don’t know why I’m writing this. I’ve never really been the journal type before but I’m doing this anyway. I had a nightmare last night. It felt so real. It was an otherwise normal dream, nothing special, but something intruded. It almost felt like it came in from the outside. Everything seemed normal until something stood behind me. You could almost call it a ‘mask of death’ or some other silly bullshit. It looked human enough, I guess, just that it didn’t have any eyes. I don’t know. I couldn’t sleep after that. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep tonite either. Perhaps it has something to do with that thing I read before going to bed. It didn’t seem too scary, I did feel something behind me and turned around really fast, but it was nothing and I forgot about it pretty quickly. Apparently it got to me more than I thought. I’m sure these nightmares won’t last, just my imagination kicking into overdrive.

Entry 2
The nightmares keep coming. I can tell when one of my dreams is going to be one now. During the ‘normal’ part of the dream, things seem a little off. People staring at me for no reason, people on the ground with their limbs contorted into weird positions, or even some people with eyes missing. There have been these strange murders around town, also. Bodies cropping up with limbs at odd angles, but no broken bones and no signs of how they died. It seems every time I have a nightmare, another body crops up. I’m afraid they might be connected.

Entry 3
I’ve started sleeping less. The nightmares were getting more frequent, so I stopped sleeping for days at a time, however long I think I can get away with it. I’m tired all the time, and I’m eating less, but strangely, I don’t feel any weaker for it. I think I might actually be getting stronger. Every time I stay awake, I can go a little longer before I have to sleep again. The ‘murders’ have slowed down, it seems they really are connected to my nightmares after all. The strange part about that is, I don’t care as much. Whenever another body pops up, it’s just another body from my dreams, nothing more.

Entry 4
It’s got to be the story. It just does. Things are lining up now. It’s happening exactly the way it said it would. I’ve started to have hallucenations. At least, I think they’re hallucenations. The thing from my dreams has stepped into my waking life. I see it whenever I close my eyes. It’s always there, around the next corner, behind the receptionist at her desk, or on the bus. I can’t escape it. People are walking around with no eyes, they don’t even act like anythings wrong, but they have no eyes. People are twisted. They aren’t even people anymore. They’re like the murder victims, but they’re still alive. I don’t know how they can even function like this. So many impossible things.

Entry 5
Things are weird. I don’t know whats going on. Am I dreaming? Did I ever stop? Please… I just want to WAKE UP!

Entry 6
Why? Why? WHY! Something please save me! I don’t know how much I can take. If anybody is reading this. If I am even writing this. PLEASE HELP!

Entry 7
The hallucenations have stopped. I’m going to stop writing now, I think the worst is over. I know nobody will read this but…

Entry 8
I CAN’T stop. The hallucenations are gone but there’s something else now. I need something. This… Hunger, can’t be stopped. I can’t control it. I know you’re reading this, you have to be. I want you to know, you can’t escape. I can’t escape. There is no hope left for any of us.

Entry 9
I’ve been gone for awhile. At a hospital, I think. I’m better now. Things are getting better now. My eyes are sinking into my head. I can feel it. But I’m better now. Everything’s better now. You’re better now. I see the thing everywhere I go. But he’s better now. I’m better now.

Entry 10
Okay. So the drugs from the hospital wore off. I tried to look for that damned story but…. I don’t want to talk about it.

Entry 11
She had no eyes! I swear! SHE HAD NO EYES! Everybody saw it. I’m not crazy! I’M NOT! It wasn’t hallucenations. Everybody saw it. I’m not crazy! I’m not crazy! Everybody saw it! She had no eyes! I’m not crazy. You might be crazy, but I’m not crazy.

Entry 12
I am definetly the thing. I know your still reading this. You can’t stop. You want to see into the mind of a crazy person. But you see, I’m not crazy. I am real. This is simply my story. The story of anyone who’s ever read this before. I know this because this one is a word for word copy of the one I read so many days ago. I never found it again, but I know. It’s ingrained into my head for the rest of days. Now you’re wondering to youreself, is it true? No, probably not. The thing you feel behind you, the growing dread within you, is probably all just your imagination. You should ignore it. There’s nothing you can do anyway.

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