What Did You Bring?

Here’s another entry for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge. You can find the challenge here. This weeks task was to put our own spin on an invasive species. I’m not sure what else to add to that, so here it is. Continue reading

Research is Dangerous

I submitted this one to a contest a little while ago. It didn’t win. Honestly, I never thought I’d put it up here, but I ran across it today, and figured, why not? It’s a little different than what you might be used to from me. It’s fan-fiction, so if that doesn’t float your boat, consider yourself warned. It’s also Mass Effect fan-fiction. If you’ve never heard of Mass Effect, you may not enjoy this story (you may not enjoy it anyway, but whatever). Well, that’s enough rambling from me, story after the break. Continue reading

Donald Trump

This post will not be about politics. It got your attention, though, didn’t it?

Some of you may have noticed that the post the other day what my first for quite awhile (or not, maybe you just read my stories when they pop up on your dash and don’t think about me any other time, I don’t know you). Sure, there’s always a bit of creative fatigue after NaNoWriMo, but there were also a couple of big things that happened around that same time. Things that affect the whole world and which none of us know the full ramifications of yet. The two things I’m referring to, of course, are: Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

Ever since these two events, people have been getting more politically active. Nearly every blog I follow on WordPress has had at least one article on one or the other. This is great, these are important events and everybody should be talking about them. It’s goo to see people politically active. Even I’ve become more active than I was before.

Brexit and the Election affected me, and, no matter where you stand on them, or where you live, they affect you too. I’ve debated back and forth ever since the U.S. election on whether or not to bring politics into this blog. I’ve finally made a decision. I will not.

I started this to be mainly a place for my stories. I’ve since expanded it to talk more about writing in general and more specifically what it means in the modern world. I’ve added a voice with a different take on stories than myself. Overall, I’ve kept this place much the way I intended it when I started. It is a place for stories and writing discussion. Yes, talking about writing in the modern world will inevitably intersect with modern politics, but for the most part, I’ll keep this writing and writing discussion alone.

If, for some reason, you really wanted to see what I had to say on political issues, you can follow me on Twitter. My Twitter handle is @lord_unseen. I probably won’t be talking about writing at all there, so it’s definitely something different than your used to from me. If that appeals to you, check it out. If you’d rather my opinions not potentially ruin my stories for you, don’t click that link and stay here. I’ll do my best to not let politics creep into this space. I hope to be posting here more often, so, even if you do follow me on Twitter, I hope you still check back with me here and see some new stories.


Here’s another post for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge here. Do I only come back for flash fiction challenges? Maybe. You don’t know that. Anyway, story after the break. Continue reading

What We Do for Love

“I implore you, your grace, please reconsider,” pleaded the old man walking next to him. He was the future former right hand of the King, Joury.

“I’ve considered enough,” the King responded. He was getting tired of everyone trying to talk him out of this. “The decision has been made, let it lie.” Continue reading

Alone With My Shadows

Here’s the third installment of the stories found here and here. As with the other ones, if you don’t want to read the previous entries, there’s no need, as this story should stand on its own. Story below. Continue reading

Welcome to October

Are you all ready? The days are getting a little cooler (if you’re on the northern hemisphere that is), the nights a little longer. You know what that means? Halloween! I haven’t quite decided exactly what I’m doing here for that yet. Maybe I’ll do more of the horror stories. Did anyone like those? Maybe I’ll do just more general Halloween themed stories. Like I said, I haven’t decided yet. There will be something, though, I promise you.

The other thing October means is we have exactly one month until NaNoWriMo. Is anyone here doing it this year? Of course I am, so I’ll be posting NaNo prep stuff sporadically throughout the month. Perhaps I’ll even post an actual article or two about NaNo prep instead of just updates.

So, what are you guys doing on this most wonderful month of the year?