NaNo Prep!

So, as anyone who does NaNoWriMo knows, October is the official prep month. It’s the month to get outlines made, to get character sheets filled in and to stress yourself out before you even get started writing! It’s so exciting! So, my question is; if you’re doing NaNoWriMo, what are you doing to prepare? I know plenty of people are pantsers, but almost everybody prepares in some way. Even if it’s just getting extra snacks and making sure your writing space is extra comfy, it pays to be at least a little prepared.

As for me? Well, I’m doing the normal stuff. I’m thinking about how I’ll write it. Am I going to do pencil and paper, or write entirely on computer? What software will I use? For some reason, I always feel like I need to switch it up every year. This year, I have a dedicated writing laptop that only has writing software (Scrivener, FocusWriter) on it. I’ll also be using the default notes app on my phone for when I can’t get to the laptop. Nothing fancy there as the main reason for that is just to write down things real quick and transfer to the laptop later.

I’ve also been working on my writing habit since last year. I’ve been making sure to write at least semi-regularly, even if I don’t have anything in particular to say that day. You can only get better by doing, right? More recently, I made a promise to write in this blog at least once a week. So far, I’ve kept that promise (if you haven’t seen this weeks post, you can find it here) and I intend to keep it in the future. The posts may become more spartan during NaNoWriMo, but I fully intend to keep them coming.

Lastly, I’ve been working on the story itself. I’ve got a couple of important characters started and a bullet list of what needs to be included. It’s not exactly a plot outline yet, but I’m working on it. I may post pieces of my prep here later, but for now I’ll just leave you with the question. What have you done for prep?

5 thoughts on “NaNo Prep!”

      1. Not too bad – it makes my ideas more organised and easier to understand when I look back over them. Too many times, I’ve lost a brilliant idea through less-than-brilliant notes.


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