My Lucky Coin Toss

So, I’m back. (Whether I’m also better than ever, I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader.) I’ve decided to use my return to do one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges. The challenge this time was to pick a sentence and use it as the opening sentence to a story. I won’t tell you what I picked, as it’s the first sentence of my story (duh), but I will give you a link to the challenge, here. The story is after the break. Continue reading “My Lucky Coin Toss”


This is yet another entry for Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge, found here. This week, we had to pick someone else’s title and build a story from it. Simple, right? My title was Greetings. And without further ado, good luck. Continue reading “Greetings”

Iguana #2

Here’s an entry for Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge. (Yes, I know, I haven’t posted since the last challenge. Shut up.)

This weeks challenge was to generate a random cocktail and use the name as our title. Mine was Iguana #2, obviously. I dutifully drank this while writing.

You can find the challenge here. And the drink here.

And without further ado, here is Iguana #2.

Charles ducked around the corner to hide in a darkened alleyway. The dark wouldn’t protect him much, but it did, at least, make him feel a little better. He relaxed his muscles and willed his body to be a little colder. They would be to his alley in a few seconds and if he was extremely lucky, they would pass him by. Continue reading “Iguana #2”

My Memory

This is an entry for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge here.

He’s a wonderful person, and always has been. I love him with all my heart. Cliche? Absolutely, but sometimes they honestly do describe something perfectly. Continue reading “My Memory”

The Most Important Line

“Once upon a time, there was a story so short, it was only a single line.”

That’s what my father always said to me when he’d tuck me in at night. I always thought it was just his little joke. You know, the thing he’d say so he wouldn’t have to tell me a real bedtime story? As I grew older, though, he never once wavered. He swore to me that it was real, but it wasn’t the one he told me every night. He said it was the greatest and most powerful story ever told. It even had it’s own book, he claimed, but just one. He said he even read it. He said, if I ever read it, it would change my life forever. He said a lot of things about this story that was only a single line. I didn’t believe any of them.
Continue reading “The Most Important Line”