This is yet another entry for Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge, found here. This week, we had to pick someone else’s title and build a story from it. Simple, right? My title was Greetings. And without further ado, good luck.

Hello, I apologize if this is an inconvenient time, but you need to be told. Please do not be afraid. I realize it is somewhat disconcerting for someone such as yourself to be hearing me. After all, there is nobody around you at the moment. The voice you hear is very much in your head, yes, but that does not make what I am about to tell you any less important. Please do what you can to calm yourself as putting this much stress onto your body will cause you to age prematurely.

Are you calm?

Good. You should feel proud, you are the very first human that has been contacted. Although you have done nothing, you should still feel a sense of accomplishment. Yes, others will be contacted, but you will always have been the first.

What? Am I an alien? Let’s just say I am from…


Now that you are calm and feeling a sense of accomplishment, let’s get down to business, shall we? You have been contacted for an express purpose.

What is that purpose? We’ll get to that.

First, I want to impress upon you just how monumentally important you are. You are the first contact point from us to the humans. You were not chosen at random. After much long study, we determined that you and several of your contemporaries on this planet are ideal candidates for first contact, so do not take your position lightly. Your purpose is to be treated as if your life is in danger should you fail, as it very well may be.

What is the purpose? Please, exercise some patience. Do not make us regret selecting you for first contact. I will tell you your purpose soon. I simply wanted to impress upon you exactly how crucial it is you fulfill your purpose. Do you understand?


Despite its extreme importance, your purpose is astoundingly simple. You are to act as a sort of…


You will deliver a message, a note of greetings if you will, to the humans. That is all you need to do. I do believe you can handle that. Why don’t we send the message ourselves? The reason is simple. The message must be received before we arrive, and we feel the humans would be most receptive to the message if it is given by another human. This is why it is so monumentally important for you to fulfill your purpose. I hope you understand.

Now that you have been adequately prepared, you may receive the message. It is as follows:

We Come

Do you think you can do this? You are shaking your head, why? No, I am sorry, I will not tell you more about the message. You can not alter it.

Friendly? You want to make it more friendly? No, I apologize but that is not possible. This message has been very carefully crafted and alterations are not permitted. Yes, you will do this, you have been selected and we have been very thorough. There was no mistake.

You are certain? There is no way to convince you to fulfill your purpose?

That is fine.

You seem relieved, that is good. Now, please relax, this will only take a moment. You may feel a slight discomfort, but I assure you, it is nothing to worry about. What am I doing? Nothing, I assure you, that you will need to know in a few mome-


Good. It is complete. I do hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable for you. You seem distressed. There is no reason to be. Being a passenger in your own body isn’t nearly so terrible as I am sure you were told. You will get used to it, I assure you.


It is time to deliver our words of greetings.

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