The Door

When I was a child, there was a door in my house. It was nothing special, really. It looked just like all others. If you were to look at it, you’d probably think there was a guest bedroom behind it. The thing is, it never opened. Not once. We moved there when I was six and I never once saw it open. My parents said it was a fake door, that there was nothing behind it. I didn’t believe them. Continue reading “The Door”

The Wonder Man

Have you heard of the Wonder Man? They say he can do anything. They say he’ll grant you anything you desire, if you get the chance. They say he’s wonderful. They say he’s terrifying. Continue reading “The Wonder Man”

Have You Forgotten?

You know that feeling when you walk through a door and forget why you came in? I’ve had that. Continue reading “Have You Forgotten?”

The Forgotten

Human nature is cruel. That was what was going through Rin’s head as she stared though her window at the man laying in the street. No one came to help. No one ever came to help. They were used to seeing bodies in the streets. Rin wouldn’t help either, wouldn’t even come out of her house. She was cruel as well. Such is life. He was going to die there, and not a single person would lift a finger to stop that.

The next day, the body was collected and given a proper burial. Like that would make everything all right. The next night someone else died, with people watching fearfully though their windows, never bothering to help. After all, why would they risk themselves to help someone who was practically dead anyway? So they watch, never bothering to really care. After all, that other person was out after dark, didn’t they deserve what they got?
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All for a Strawberry

Betrayal tastes like strawberries. That’s it. There is no better description. Of all the things in the world, betrayal definitely tastes like strawberries. Continue reading “All for a Strawberry”

The All

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Asked the man in the white lab coat and safety goggles.
“Yes,” answered the man in the hospital bed with wires attached to every part of his body and running to a dozen incomprehensible machines. “This is truly a momentous occasion for mankind,” he said as a woman in scrubs slipped a small black mask over his eyes.
“It is,” said the man in the lab coat as he strapped a clear mask over the other’s mouth and nose. He smiled a bit, as if this was all routine, despite it being anything but. “Now, if you could please count backward from ten. It should begin when you wake up.” The man in the lab coat pressed a button, releasing a potent cocktail of drugs into mask. The man in the bed began counting backward and was unconscious before he reached six.
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Dancer for the Trees

She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Everything about her filled me with awe. She moved with such grace that I knew I had to be in the presence of a goddess.

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The Young Woman

Her dying words were “This isn’t the first time.” Those words were spoken while I was the only one in the room with her. I don’t know why she chose to say them to me, but she did. Perhaps it was because I’d known her my entire twelve years by then, but I never thought I was important to her. I only knew her because her parents and my parents were close, so she babysat me while she was in high-school. I shouldn’t have been important to her at all, but she waited until everyone but me was gone, said the words, and died before anyone could get back.
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The world is interesting after everybody has gone to sleep. Everything gets a little quieter. Even in the big cities that they say “never sleep.” In the small hours of the night, sometime after the bars close, but before the rush hour begins, it gets quiet, or, at least, nearly so.
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Her whole body trembles as tears swell in her eyes. She looks down at the body in front of her. This was the man I killed. It had been so easy too. One second he was a man with a family and a future, a single pull of the trigger later, he’s just a corpse, his only future to rot.
I look at the widow, tears streaming from her uncomprehending eyes.

I am a monster.
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