No Regrets

She was sitting outside of a cafe, waiting for him. The cafe sat right across the street from where he worked. She liked going to this cafe. It was a good one. Honestly, she didn’t even know he worked there when she first started coming here, but he did. She’d seen him a few times. Never approached him though, never had the courage. That would change today though. This time, she would walk right up to him in a way she never could before-

There he was.

Shit shit shit. She wasn’t ready for this, hadn’t had enough time to mentally prepare. She downed the rest of her coffee to calm her nerves. It didn’t work. She was shaking like a leaf. He was right there, she could see him though the glass door. She was so nervous, it was like a ball of hot lead had been dropped into her stomach. What if she puked? It would be so embarrassing. She’d never be able to eat at that cafe again. But the thought of chickening out, again, was almost unbearable. Oh God, he turned to the door. I can’t do this, she thought. Just can’t.


She steeled herself. She was going to do it now, or she never was. I can do this, she told herself. And for a moment, she actually believed it, too. She put her cup down as he walked through the door. She was going to do it. Wasn’t it better to do something like this and take whatever happens than to not do it and always wonder? Wasn’t that what they always said?

She could do this.

She really believed it this time. She believed in the her that actually did things, and didn’t live with the regret of what could have been. She got up, brushed her skirt, took a deep breath, and walked toward him. She put on what she hoped was her prettiest smile, even though that ball of lead was only getting heavier. She made it across the street and walked right up to him. He saw her and smiled, a gorgeous smile that a girl couldn’t help but fall a little bit in love with.

She punched him right in that smile. “That’s for my sister, you asshole,” she said and quickly turned.

Well, that wasn’t so hard, she thought as she walked away with him staring after, stunned.

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