The Seventh

Another week, another flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig. This time it centers around the seven deadly sins. You know which ones. We had to pick a sin and write a story based off our interpretation of it. I won’t tell you which sin I chose, hopefully you can pull it from the story (but it’s hopefully not too obvious). So, enough stalling, the story’s after the break.

The world has gone to shit. There’s no denying it. No matter where you turn, there’s some matter of depravity on display. People revel in it these days. If the seven deadly sins really are deadly, our society is dying. It’s not hard to see all seven in a single day.

Just the other day, someone I thought of as a friend tried to bring me into that depravity. He offered to share a meal at his place. A huge pile of terrible food, washed down with a too-large bottle of cheap whiskey.


I declined, and checked him off my list of friends. Gluttons can’t help themselves, and I can’t be friends with someone who lacks self control. I left his place and went to a nearby restaurant to have a small meal instead. On the way, I ran into another friend. We happened to be going the same way, so we talked friendly as we walked. I had borrowed some money from him a little while earlier, and he asked for it back as we walked.


I gave him my money. I am true to my word, after all, but I made a mental note not to associate with him any longer. A person that values earthly possessions over human relationships is not someone I can be around. We finished our chat and parted ways as I neared the restaurant.

In the restaurant, I was served by a young woman who wore a blouse with a plunging neckline. She was attractive, I will admit, but the men in the restaurant would not stop staring at her. I think I heard one say something lewd to her.


I shook his head. I used to like that restaurant, but I can’t go to a place that would encourage such a thing, or at the very least, not discourage it. I payed my bill for what was admittedly a very good meal and left. I decided to just head home.

On the way, I stopped at a local corner store since I was out of a few things. As soon as I walked in, I could hear it. Someone, a manager probably, was yelling at one of the store’s clerks. It could be heard through the whole store and it was terribly unpleasant.


I left without buying anything, the things I needed weren’t that important anyway. I decided maybe I should see another friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. Luckily, he was home so I went over to do nothing much. We took a short walk around a park. At one point in time, we saw someone pull up in a shiny new car. I don’t know what brand, but it looked expensive. My friend told me how much he wanted a car like that and how “jealous” he was of the owner.


I made a mental note not to call him up again and asked him what he planned to do to get it. He shrugged and said “not much”. Apparently, he preferred to do nothing and hope it would fall into his lap.


After parting ways, I decided to head home. It had been a trying day. I thought of the people and places I wouldn’t be seeing anymore. It was for the best. They would just taint me with their sins. I didn’t need them. I went back to my apartment alone. It really was good, though. Those may have been the last friends on my list. Oh well, I didn’t need friends like that. I may be alone, but at least I still have my…


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